SIXTOL: A Reliable Manufacturer of Tools and Car Accessories with Ambitions for International Growth

SIXTOL is a brand that was founded in 2013 with the goal of offering high-quality tools and car accessories to a wide range of customers. Every year, it adds hundreds of new items, which shows the brand's constant effort to improve and innovate its products.

In 2021, SIXTOL became the winner of the Product of the Year award, which was further confirmation of the high quality and innovation of the products they offer. This success was an important impetus for further growth and development of the brand.

In 2016, SIXTOL decided to expand to foreign markets. This step was very successful, as the brand gained new customers and increased its international presence. In 2022, SIXTOL became an official vendor for Amazon, which was a huge success and another step towards gaining a larger market share.

In 2023, SIXTOL is achieving excellent results in foreign markets and preparing for further expansion. For 2024, the brand plans to have a presence in all EU countries, which would be another step towards strengthening its position in the market. And in 2025, SIXTOL aims to enter the American market, which would be a major milestone in the brand's history.

SIXTOL prides itself on its excellent product range, the quality and reliability of its products, and its constant efforts to innovate and improve. Its ambitions and efforts for international growth show that this brand has great potential for further success and development. Customers can look forward to more innovations and excellent products from SIXTOL.